GOOD MEMORY is The Foundation of Better Learning

Knowledge and Application of memory techniques have revamped the way we learn and memorise.

What are memory techniques?

Its simple and powerful scientific methods to increase a user’s memory. Each of us will have our unique memory techniques preference.

Why should I learn to use memory techniques?

Once we master the right techniques, nothing will be hard to remember. It will be part of a balanced learning strategy that requires creativity, critical thinking and some hard work. The result is you will possess a powerful memorising learning strategy!

Can anyone learn to use memory techniques?

Yes! Most memory masters learnt their memory skills. Practise made perfect. Since memory is a skill, it can be learnt.

Why I remember some things and forget others?

Research shows that we remember more things that we enjoyed very much. Topics that bored us, we will not pay attention. With better memory ability, it increases our self-confidence and allows our brain to expand accordingly.

Why don't they teach memory techniques in school?

First, its a cost factor. And each individual is different with different learning modality. One memory technique will not suit all. Some universities and schools do teach mnemonic techniques but not in a formal situation.

How quickly can I see the results?

You can see immediate results as you begin the course. Progressively, as you apply what you learn you'll see more noticeable results. Your memory skills will increase by 200% to 300% or more the first day and rise steadily after that. Your mind will be using new skills with our proven guidance system.

What can I do to improve my memory quickly?

Our certified instructor will be able to guide you. Since its a skill training, whatever you learn will be with you for a long time. Just like when you learn to ride a bike, once you learnt the skills, it will be with you for a long time.

How does memory processing work?

It's divided into 3 sections. Encoding. Storing. Recall.

First, Encoding.

We consciously perceive sounds, images, physical feeling, or other sensory details.

Second, Storage.

Pieces of information are then stored in different areas of our brain. Our neurons pass signals to each other about what we perceived.

Third, Recall.

Our brain revisits the nerve pathways that were formed earlier. Various storage methods will make it easier for us to recall details from our storage. The right methods of storage will make the recall process easier.

How long is this course?

This is an intensive course. It last for 8 sessions in two months with an additional 3 follow up session in 3 months.

What is GeniusBrain Advance Super Memory course main features?

Super Learning Exercise. Physically and mentally | Pre and post Memory Exercise | Memory Techniques | Numbering Techniques | Acronyms Method | Application in school subjects | Humming Method | Genius Imagi Technique | Application of Genius Imagi in Science subjects | Grouping Technique | Loci System Technique | Observation Exercises | School subjects application

What Are The Benefits and Learning Outcome?

Increase memory capacity, Convert short term memory to long term memory, Whole brain learning, Able to handle examination better, Increase creativity.