Increase whole brain activities Strengthens neural pathways Brain Hemispheric balancing Increase memory power
ADMISSION CRITERIA Able to follow instructions Ages 5 to 6 years Able to recognise colours Able to draw simple lines and shapes BENEFITS CRETS 1. Thinking Proficiency Different type of thinking keys            to stimulate thinking abilities 2. Observation Experience Develop child abilities to focus on details 3. Finger Exercise Technique Discrete fingers exercises that                stimulate the whole brain mode 4. Dot Math Recognition Differentiate dots quantity and               boost the ability to differentiate 5. Eyes Focus Exercise Stimulate students’ eyes focusing power 6. Innovative Materials Innovative structured exercises         to enhance cognitive skills 7. Flicker or Manual Transient Methods Refine student’s photographic memory competency 8. Memory Training Affinity methods for remembering easily Able to spend 45 minutes per week Able to write simple letters and numbers Duration is minimum 1 year and maximum 2 years
Innovative Learning Materials CRETS TESTIMONIALS Foundation Basic Intermediate Higher CRETS.pdf

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