I wish that I could have the opportunity to learn what you are going to learn years ago!

What you’ll learn

  • Examination de-stressing methods.
  • Discover how our brain retains information.
  • How to manage your learning time table
  • Effective strategies to do revision plan learning strategies.
  • Organise notes using various proven note-taking methods that include Mind notes
  • Create your own motivational posters.
  • Recall easily using NLP methods. 
  • Create your own Learning Space.
  • Make learning fun and enjoyable
  • Use Environment Sounds to enhance your learning experience.
  • Develop learning strategies that include your friends. 


9 years old and above | No prior knowledge is required | Self-motivated or with parents guidance.


This course provides Effective and Proven strategies to help participants to utilised the new learning skills to be Super learner.

As long as you apply the success learning formula you learnt from here, you will be able to have new learning capabilities and see the new transformation in yourself. You will be able to enjoy your new learning experience.

The curriculum is arranged systematically and make learning easy and effective. The application can be immediate!

Why you need this course?

I am Dr. Thomas Hooi, the Founder Of GeniusBrain International. Throughout the years in the Education line, I have given dozens of talks/seminars to thousands of teachers and students. One questions that always arise is how a person can learn better. I have compiled and come out with various learning strategies to help students to learn better. I always believe that learning should be simple and effective to it can produce impressive results.

Most students start learning very late and cram all the info in a few days of studying. Some will stay up and study all night before the exam. The next day they stressed out. What if there is a way for you to study so you don’t stress up? What if the word EXAMINATION will not be meant pressure for you anymore? What if you could use some exercise and release the pressure from yourself?

You come to the right place. Now, you can join GeniusBrain’s Super Learning classes! We are here for you.

We have strategies for how to approach the exam itself, how to relax your mind, how to remember more, how to recall during an examination, how to create your learning environment, how to manage your revision time, and much more. We are committed to sharing with you the new learning experience. 

This is not a new course. Throughout the years, we have been conducting this course in various countries. GeniusBrain’s courses are currently available in various learning centres in Malaysia, Russia, Cambodia, United Kingdom, Oman and Bahrain. 

We train our students with the right learning strategies. Be in Online or Offline. We know how human learn best. Studies have shown that by simply using effective learning strategies, we can change the outcome of our learning. Of course, with better results!

We train you to open your mind about learning. Use the methods that you learnt and experience the new you in achieving new results. Its a day to day strategies that you can use once you are taught the methods. It is all based on years of research on how our brain learns best. And of course, it is presented to you in a simple way. 

After completion of this course, you will have more time yourself to indulge yourself in the activities that you love. And you will find out that learning is fun and not stressful. Why? Because by then, you already learnt what is an examination and how you can easily recall facts during the examination session. You will be able to jot down notes on your own and can easily revise with the set of notes that you have written down based on brain-based learning methods. And the motivation for the study is not a problem because you would have created your own motivation to study for a better you. Relaxing at the snap of your fingers! Now you can control your brain and not be controlled by learning pressure. Its the perfect combination for you and your brain in synchronising your learning experience. 

So, to sum up, 3 reasons for you to be with us:

  1. We provide you with some of the best learning skills.
  2. We empower you to relax and de-stress your examination pressure.
  3. We emphasize your time management and self-learning transformation.

At the end of this course, YOU WILL BE TRANSFORMED to be an Advanced Learner using Accelerated Learning Skills.

We are ready to serve you on your journey to become a GeniusBrain Accelerated Learner. 

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to be a better learner.
  • Anyone who wishes to improve their memory significantly.
  • Anyone who wants to manage their time better.
  • Anyone who feels the pressure during examination time. 
  • Students who want better school results.
  • Anyone who felt their current learning ways are not effective.
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