Problem solving skills Ability to create creative answers Encourage curiosity
ADMISSION CRITERIA Able to listen and follow simple instructions Age 7 to 12 years Able to perform basic mathematical calculations Able to spend 1.5 hours per week BENEFITS PRiTS 1. WHOLE BRAIN STIMULATION EXERCISE Activate participant’s brain through finger exercise 2. 12 THINKING KEYS 1. ANALYTIC KEY           | Coaching participants to be analytic             																										              and analyse scenarios. 2. VARIATION KEY         | Create numerous solutions to solve                                                     a problem. 3. SCENARIO KEY         | Enable participants to identify                 actual scenarios. 4. WHAT IF KEY             | Create plan when facing certain                 dilemma. 5. RIDICULOUS KEY 	    |Can be real or only creative suggestions. 6. DIFFERENT USES KEY|Map to discover alternative views. 3. IQ THINKING QUESTIONS Develop problem solving skills Improve cognitive skills Fast calculating speed 7. EMOTION ACTION KEY | Learn to evaluate other         person’s emotion. 8. ALTERNATIVE KEY         | Enable participants to suggest and        look into their suggestions. 9. COMBINATION KEY     | Participants originate new ideas through a         new combination. 10. REVERSE KEY            | Learn to see things the other way round 11. INTERPRETATION KEY |Interpret various conditions differently by    																																																			accepting different view 12. BRAINSTORMING KEY |Utilise various experience and ideas. Duration is ONE YEAR TESTIMONIALS
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