Ages : 7 to 12

Cultivate Practical Thinking Skills For Your School-Going Children

Thinking Skills Designed For Primary School Students To Enable Them To Use Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) In Helping Them To Cope With Their School Lessons Which Required Them To Think And Give Their Personal Input!

Better thinking simulation, better brain’s Neuron Connections!

15 minutes instant results! in helping primary school going children to have new thinking abilities!

Mr. K. W. Chin

Our PRiTS Master Trainer, Mr. K.W. Chin conducted an Immediate Results Test designed by Dr. Hooi to a group of 18 students. Each student needs to answer a simple question before the start of a PRiTS session. Each student are shown a picture of a crying baby. They were asked to write anything they can think of from the picture. A few minutes later, all of them gave the same answer. ‘A baby is crying’*.

After Mr. Chin conducted a PRiTS lesson to each of them, all of them are able to have new neuron connection and connect the crying baby to various reasons for their crying, locations the baby is crying etc. This time, each of them are able to give different answers for the same question! All this changes in their thinking happened in less than 20 minutes through PRiTS structured thinking course! We can now create new thinking abilities in children. Best of all, its now 100% Proven!


Solving Skills

other learner’s

Ability to create
creative answers

Evaluation of
picture and scenarios


See different or
similarities pattern
in IQ questions



  • Age 7 to 12 years
  • Able to listen and follow simple instructions
  • Able to perform basic mathematical calculations
  • Able to spend 1.5 hours per week
  • Duration is ONE YEAR


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