Since the year 1999, we have been assisting children to be better learner and to be better thinker for a better world. Welcome to the World Of GeniusBrain, where everyone can make the world a better place!

5 to 6 Years Old

Creativity and Thinking Skills Designed For Pre-Schooler To Enable Them To Have Fun and Learn How To Think Using GeniusBrain’s Proven Thinking Keys!

7 to 12 Years Old

Thinking Skills Designed For Primary School Students To Enable Them To Use Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) In Helping Them To Cope With Their School Lessons Which Required Them To Think And Give Their Personal Input!

9 to 18 Years Old

GeniusBrain Super Learning is an Accelerated Learning Course which focus on children primary development for their Memory Power, Reading Speed, Thinking Capabilities, Quick Mathematics, Time Management and much more!

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