Ages : 7 to 18


Able to learn the smart way is a must in this era of life. Don’t waste time studying by using the wrong methods. With GeniusBrain ALS, learning will not be the same anymore! Participants will be able to increase their abilities in recalling lessons, handling examination, manage own study schedule etc. We create smart learners who can learn independently on their own.



  • If you are from Malaysia, a set of learning materials will couriered to your home.
  • If you are from others countries, you will get a password to access to our elearning materials which you can print on your own + access to certain elearning guidelines.

Yes. All ALS Live Online Sessions will be conducted by our Trained Facilitators who will train partcipants in a small group of not over 15 students per session.

Minimum per live session is 1 hour up to a maximum of 1.5hours.

Our main language will be English. But, you can have option to choose other languages like Malay or Mandarin too.

You refer to the session schedules and choose a slot that suits you.

After you enrol and made payment online, you will receive a confirmation of payment email. Keep it as a receipt. If you are from Malaysia, you will receive your learning materials from us.

You can submit the enrolment form and click Payment to pay online. Payment can be direct bank transfer or credit card payment.

Course Content

Topic 1 : Proven Brain Recall System

  • Introduction to Proven Brain Recall Systems
  • Find Out How Many Things Can You Remember
  • Brain Memory Chart
  • Human Recall Capabilities
  • Memory Retention Review Formula
  • Remembering Chart
  • NLP Eyes Movement Methods For Recall

Topic 2 : Creating Conducive Learning environment

  • Introduction to create conducive learning environment
  • How to create a home learning  environment

Topic 3 : Study Check List For Self Learning Preparation

  • Introduction to Study Check List For Self Learning Preparation
  • Your Checklist

Topic 4 : Self Made Motivational Poster For Study

  • Introduction to Self Made Motivational Poster For Study.
  • Create Your Own Motivational Poster

Topic 5 : Preparation Guide When Attending Class – To Do

  • Introduction to Preparation Guide When Attending Class – To Do
  • Prepare Your Mind And Body
  • What You Should Not Do Before Class Lectures
  • Attendance
  • Where To Sit and Why
  • Active Listening
  • Make Note

Topic 6 : Inspiring Methods To Handle Examination

  • Introduction To Inspiring Methods To Handle Examination
  • Reduce Examination Stress
  • Examination Techniques

Topic 7 : Mind Exercises And Mandalas For Learning Enhancements

  • Introduction To Mind Exercise And Mandalas For Learning Enhancement
  • Brain Calm Exercises
  • Mandalas

Topic 8 : Effective Time Management Plans

  • Introduction To Effective Time Management Plans
  • Study Contract
  • Monthly Planner | Weekly Planner | Daily Planner

Topic 9 : Powerful Notes Taking and Notes Making Methods

  • Introduction to Powerful Notes Taking and Notes Making Methods
  • Notes Taking & Notes Making
  • Imagery Map
  • Linear Notes
  • Vertical Notes

Topic 10 : Anchoring For Self Transformation

  • Introduction to
  • Anchoring For Self Transformation
    Anchor Yourself For Your Best Performance

Topic 11 : Relaxation Music For Study

  • Introduction to Relaxation Music For Study
  • Relaxation Learning Environment Audio Download


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