Creating thinking CHILDREN to become better learners & INNOVATORs!


How To Think NOT What To Think.

AND How To Learn, NOT What To Learn!

As we know now, in the new world order, some big Fortune 500 companies openly said they are looking for smart people to work with them. Diploma or Degrees will come in second. If this is the trends, then in the future, diplomas and degrees won’t be the only ticket to a well-paying job and a comfortable life. Artificial Intelligence (AI) will take over most of the human task.

Who will survive? A smart person, who can think effectively and know how to evolve will be able to survive in this new era in life. Whatever being learnt can be forgotten. But the learning process should be the one that will help the individual to survive in the future. Hence, our children should be equipped with Brain Learning skills that will help them to be a better learner. A better learner is someone who is creative and able to solve problems. They will be able to study using proven methods to enable them to remember and recall easily. Welcome the world of GeniusBrain. We help to create creative community! Find out more here.

Does Your Child Know How To Think Effectively and Creatively?

And do you teach your children how to learn?

As parents, we want to give the best education to our children. And one of the best education which we can give to our children is the education of teaching them how to be creative and able to think effectively. Thinking skills need to be taught since young. We pride ourselves as the Pioneer in Accelerated Learning since the year 1999. Thousands of students already benefited from our courses. GeniusBrain courses are currently available in Malaysia, United Kingdom, Russia, Oman, Bahrain, Cambodia and Singapore. 

Jack Ma suggested investing more in early childhood, when kids are building skills and values, and less in universities, when values are already set. “Please put more resources on the front and not in the back,” he said, suggesting kindergarten and primary schools have tremendous leverage to shape kids.
Jack Ma
Ali Baba Founder
“Education is helping the child realize his potentialities.”
Erich Fromm
The world has changed. The new economy demands students to be creative thinkers and innovators with the ability to analyse information. Students are expected to be smart learners and to be able to solve problems in school and in life. Its time to think and to innovate!
Dr. Thomas Hooi
GeniusBrain Founder

GeniusBrain offers various courses to suit your child learning needs. Below, you can find out which course is suitable for your child's progress. GeniusBrain Proven Innovative Thinking Keys and various sets of children brain developments and learning strategies courses will Ignite Your Child's Learning Potentials!

5 to 6 Years Old

Creativity and Thinking Skills Designed For Pre-Schooler To Enable Them To Have Fun and Learn How To Think Using GeniusBrain’s Proven Thinking Keys!

7 to 12 Years Old

Thinking Skills Designed For Primary School Students To Enable Them To Use Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) In Helping Them To Cope With Their School Lessons Which Required Them To Think And Give Their Personal Input!

9 to 18 Years Old

GeniusBrain Super Learning is an Accelerated Learning Course which focus on children primary development for their Memory Power, Reading Speed, Thinking Capabilities, Quick Mathematics, Time Management and much more!

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Since the year 1999, we have been assisting children to be better learner and to be better thinker for a better world. Welcome to the World Of GeniusBrain, where everyone can make the world a better place!


Since 1999, our proprietary curriculum are developed based on proven Brain Based Learning methodology and concentrate on enhancing creativity and thinking skills in children’s cognitive development.


Over the span of time, you will notice the way your child learn or think will be different from the day they enrol in GeniusBrain course. Positive changes can be seen almost immediately.


We are using proven Accelerated Teaching Methods to deliver all our lessons to ensure GeniusBrain Courses will be delivered in an effective and innovative manner.

How our work will enrich your children

Access to our testimonials and find out how our participants benefited from our wide range of GeniusBrain programmes.

We made brain based education affordable and available to the public.

Available in student’s preferred medium of instructions. Children learn best in their own prefer language.

No homework to bring back. Just practise the fun structural learning techniques.

We emphasize in teaching children thinking. It is actual THINKING (KEYS) methods to boost children creativity.

Parents can evaluate their children’s new learning and thinking skills.

Children can apply their learning skills at home or at school.

Results can be seen almost immediately.

Available in various locations locally and internationally.

Course duration is short and the results are excellent.

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