Ages : 9 to 18

Powerful Super Learning Skill for Your Children

GeniusBrain Super Learning is an Accelerated Learning Course which focus on children primary development for their Memory Power, Reading Speed, Thinking Capabilities, Quick Mathematics, Time Management and much more!


Effective notes taking in classroom

Relax with proven ways to handle examination

Setting own goal in life

Create easy to
remember notes

Double or triple existing memory power

Double or triple existing reading speed

Create own learning schedule

Increase interest in mathematics innovative formulas

Enhance thinking power

Curriculum Details

Reading speed is important for your child to have more time of their own. All this while, they are not taught to read at rapid speed. Now is the chance! Double for even triple their reading speed painlessly. Save time! Effective reading!

Use the proven universal memory methods to increase memory abilities. Formulas are easier to be remembered.
Mind will be prepared for maximum information absorption during class session.
Maximum coaching time for real application in actual school works and formulas.

Teaching of Thinking Skills via GeniusBrain Proprietary thinking materials. Creativity is fun and easy to be learnt, with the GeniusBrain Thinking Methods!
Change the way your child think. Make it more effective and long lasting.

Learn to prioritize what is important and plan for the review at home. By having a own learning schedule, participants will be to make more time for themselves. With the right combination of study skills and time managements, participants will be able to control their own learning sessions.

Learn how to plan for life goals. This will give purpose in life for students to enable them to plan and strive for a better self. 

Model leadership behaviour for children to enable them to learn how to give out instructions. They will be introduced to leadership qualities. 

Different styles of note-taking/making. Through various methods of notes taking and notes making, participants will be able to choose which type will be better for them. With the right methods, students will be able to understand better their own notes and this will make their revision via their own notes easier.

Innovative maths formula to make learning maths fun. The methods will boost students confidence learning maths and instill their interest in it. The innovative methods will help participants to check their maths answers quicker.


  • Ages 9 to 18 years
  • Normal reading abilities require
  • Able to spend 1.5 hours per week
  • Duration is ONE YEAR.


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