Ages : 7 to 18


Secure faster reading speed with GeniusBrain Speed Reading classes for students to boost their reading and confidence levels. Participants apply techniques in their studies and life, proudly remembering and treasure good reading practices, as they save time on reading. With constant practice of techniques, participants will see an increase in reading speed and accomplish more in life in no time.


Improved Memory 

Speed Reading challenges our brains to perform at a higher level

Better Focus 

Speed Reading helps build focus

Higher levels Of Self-Confidence 

This new found depth, boosts our self-confidence

Improved Logic

Your brain becomes more efficient at sorting information and finding correlations

Emotional Well-being

Reading is very relaxing in general

Improved Problem Solving Skills

This again is achieved due the exercise your brain goes through when Speed Reading

Have more time 

You can spend less time in reading while still able to derive the same amount of information


We are not taught how to read fast but the current information volume is doubling every 9 months.

1. Get more information and increase knowledge. – With Speed Reading ability, we will be able to gain more information and increase our knowledge by reading more materials. 

2. Save time – If we need 2 hours to read daily, with the right speed reading technique, we can reduce it to 1 hour or less for the same amount of information. 

3. A higher level of self-confidence – With the Speed Reading abilities with us, we will always be assured that we can read at rapid speed and digest the information at high speed hence boosting our self-confidence level. 

4. Better focus – When we speed read, we will focus automatically and this will help us to increase our comprehension level.

5. Enhance memory – help us to remember by enhancing our comprehension. This can be done by practising more. 

Reading is a physical skill and shall be practised and guided. With classroom environment, participants will have a guide instead of DIY studying on their own. Practise made perfect. A Speed Reading Instructor will be able to explain and answer the problems faced by participants and to motivate, encourage and follow up on participant’s progress. This is to make sure participants will acquire the skill. 

Since 2003, our course is getting results with thousands of students graduated from our Super Learning Course.

Generally, those who are above 8 years old will be suitable. This is to ensure that they have the right amount of vocabulary to ensure they understand what they have read. They should have a reasonable vocabulary level and the will to read faster.

Course Content

Topic 1 : Brain Activation Exercises

Topic 2 : Discover brains speed abilities

Topic 3 : Evaluation of existing reading speed

Topic 4 : Introduction to Speed Reading Progress Chart

Topic 5 : Reading Pattern discovery exercise

Topic 6 : How do we read?

Topic 7 : Introduction to Speed Reading methods:

  • Increase eyes movement speed
  • Using Pacer as a guide
  • Peripheral vision enhancement

Topic 8 : Pre-speed reading evaluation exercise

Topic 9 : Pacer Method

Topic 10 : Metronome Method

Topic 11 : Peripheral Vision Enhancement Method

Topic 12 : Post speed reading evaluation exercise


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